How To Use DZ09 Smart Watch

The DZ09 smart watch is a portable smart device that can display the time, answer calls, play music, take photos, etc. It also supports Bluetooth connection and can exchange data with a smartphone. Below are some reference materials about the DZ09 smart watch usage tutorial.

DZ09 Smart Watch

Mobile watch pairing: First, make sure whether your watch has a card inserted or not, because a watch without a card needs to be paired with a mobile phone to use the network, while a card can use the network to download software alone. In order to save data traffic, it is recommended to pair before using. 1
Open the mobile application: Download and install the corresponding application in the mobile application market, such as “GloryFit”.

Pairing process: Open the mobile app, click to start pairing, then scan the QR code of the watch with your phone, and the watch will automatically and completely pair with the phone.

Synchronization software: Under the general application, you can see that some APPs on the mobile phone can be installed on the watch simultaneously, provided that the APP supports the use of the watch. Generally, it will be installed on the watch by default after pairing. You can also choose to close it and install it manually. .

How to turn on and off the smart watch: Turning on and off the smart watch is very simple. Just press and hold the switch button on the side of the watch until the LOGO interface appears to turn it on. Similarly, press and hold the power button until the “Power off” option pops up, then click “OK” to turn off the watch. twenty three

Connect to mobile phone: Before using the smart watch, you need to connect it to your mobile phone to use more functions. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your phone and enter the settings page, search for nearby Bluetooth devices, find and click to connect your smart watch. After the connection is successful, the two will realize data transmission and interaction.

Basic functions: The smart watch provides the following basic functions: time display, calls, information push, health monitoring, alarm clock setting, timer, weather forecast, etc.

Battery & Charging

Other functions: Smart watches also have some other practical functions, such as alarm settings, timers, weather forecasts, etc. You can find it on the watch interface and set it according to your needs.

1. Turn off the watch completely first.
2. After completely shutting down, while the watch is turned off, press and hold the volume button and power button of the watch at the same time. When the MI-Logo appears on the screen, release the buttons to enter the recovery mode.
3. After entering Recovery mode, use the volume keys to adjust the up and down options, the power key to confirm, and select your language.
4. Then press the volume button to select the clear data option, find the clear all data option, and press the power button to confirm.
5. Return to the main recovery interface, click to restart the watch, and then set the language to Chinese.