Popular Dura Mobi Mini Speaker

Dura MOBI Mini Wireless Metal TWS Bone Speaker2

The world’s smallest resonant speaker – dura MOBI “hummingbird” speaker, can make objects vibrate and make sound on any surface, and the size is small, but the shocking sound is absolutely beyond your imagination.


Dura MOBI speaker uses the same technology as bone conduction headphones, and the sound is transmitted by resonance (a different way of sound transmission than air conduction, that is, sound waves are transmitted directly to the inner ear through the bone without passing through the eardrum).

The sound is transmitted to the medium through the bone conduction transducer, that is to say, when placed on different objects, the vibration will be transmitted to them, making these objects vibrate and sound~! Different media (wood, plastic, metal, paper, glass, etc.) have completely different sound effects, so that everything can sound, and one speaker can provide multiple listening experiences. Cardboard boxes, containers, tables, chairs, car bodies, anything, can be a speaker.

Compared with conventional speaker speakers, the size of the sound will be limited by the size of the object, and at the same time limit the direction of the sound, while dura MOBI adopts the bone conduction speaker method, and the sound can be transmitted in the far direction of 270~360 degrees, so that There is no limit to sound production and no dead ends in the sound field. And the size of the sound can be customized. Simply put, the larger the sounding object, the higher the volume and the better the sound quality.

At the same time, it has built-in Bluetooth 5.0 and FM enhancement IC, and can support TWS two-channel stereo output, so that you can enjoy the surround sound wireless home theater effect while rejecting the trouble of wired connection when using it. It can be placed directly on the surface of the object to produce sound, or it can be used as an accessory. The PV adhesive suction cup on the body is designed to absorb on the surface of the object to produce sound.

Battery & Charging

Built-in 400 mAh lithium battery, through the TYPE-C interface on the body, it can be charged for 1 hour to stand by for 240 hours, and play for 6 hours. The long battery life makes the fun endless. In addition to listening to music, dura MOBI can also be used to answer calls. The built-in high-definition sensitive microphone can make conversations as clear as face-to-face through bone conduction.

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The shell is made of aviation-grade aluminum. In addition to being light and anti-noise, there are three color options: red, silver, and black. The metal texture full of black technology can easily match various color surfaces.