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Bluetooth wireless connection remote control & self-timer. Nowadays, as people use smart phones more and more frequently in their lives, various smart accessories that simplify the operation of mobile phones have emerged as the times require. The smart control ring is a combination of remote control and people’s habit of wearing rings, and has developed a new smart black technology. The smart remote control ring recommended today has an ergonomic design and will not be attached like an ordinary ring. fingers, causing discomfort to the user. The special shape structure is also very suitable for the thumb to be worn by the index finger. The shell made of environmentally friendly materials is gentle and textured, and it is perfectly strong and beautiful and practical.

Ring Control

Such a small smart remote control ring has a built-in efficient and stable Bluetooth chip, which can output Bluetooth signals stably. Within a range of 10 meters, it can quickly connect with smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets with one click.


* Material: ABS
* Charging Port:Type-C
* Connect distance:15m
* 10*10*30MM

At present, this smart remote control ring supports remote control of various mainstream APPs on the market. For friends who usually like to watch Douyin Kuaishou, you can use it to scroll up and down short videos, adjust the volume of the video, pause the video, and even like your favorite anchor, and send a little heart with one click. Like reading novels and comics, this kind of operation requires frequent swiping of the screen from time to time. With such a smart ring that can turn pages remotely, you can do it with a light flick of your finger. Greatly increased the reading experience of the little friends.

In addition to being a ring remote control, it is for friends who usually like to take selfies or shoot vlogs alone. It’s also a super easy-to-use selfie camera. Wear it when traveling, allowing you to easily take good-looking selfies and short videos anytime, anywhere. In terms of compatibility of smart devices: the smart ring can support mainstream operating systems such as Apple’s Android Hongmeng at the same time, which means that all tablets and mobile phones currently on the market can be remotely controlled with the smart ring.

In terms of battery life: the smart ring can work continuously for 6 hours after being fully charged. Not only that, this smart ring also comes with a charging compartment, which is not only convenient for ring storage, but also has a built-in 200mAh large battery in the charging compartment, which adopts magnetic adsorption, and can charge the smart ring five times when fully charged. And it uses the universal Type-C interface of the mobile phone to recharge, so that you can go out and use it without worry.

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