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New Type-c 6-in-1 Multi-function Hub

6 in 1 OTG Splitter USB Typc C Hub Multiport Adapter3

With the continuous development and innovation of the functions of mobile phones, computers and other mainstream technology products, the playability is getting stronger and stronger, and consumers have more and more needs for the use of equipment, such as expanding the USB port of the computer, projecting the screen to the TV/ Projectors, mobile phones to read camera card photos, etc. The device interface is too few and too simple. In daily use, if you want to meet the needs of various scenarios, you have to prepare a number of different related adapter accessories, which makes people feel very cumbersome, and it is also troublesome to plug and replace. . For these problems, there are now better ways to solve them. It is the Greenlink Type-c 6-in-1 multi-function hub we brought today. The multi-function hub is mainly a product designed for the conversion needs of various functions during the use of some mobile phones and computers with Type-c interface. Our hub has 6 different types of interfaces and supports a variety of different functions. It can be said that 1 supports 6 applications.
1. There are 3 USB3.0 interfaces: for Type-c notebook expansion interface;
2. HDMI/VGA dual interface: cast the mobile phone/laptop to TV/projector with Type-c interface;
3. PD fast charging technology: the expansion interface can also charge notebooks such as Macbook;
4. TF/SD card slot: Mobile phones/computers that support Type-c interface can quickly read the corresponding memory card data;
5. RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port: Allow Type-c interface notebooks to realize Gigabit Internet access;

6 IN 1 Hub Display

6 in 1 OTG Splitter USB Typc C Hub Multiport Adapter2

The hub is made of one-piece all-aluminum alloy material, which can effectively speed up the heat dissipation of the product and make the transmission more stable. The anodizing process can form a harder protective layer on the surface of the shell, which is more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. There are multiple different interfaces planned on the hub, one side is three USB 3.0 ports, the other side is HDMI+VGA dual interface + RJ45 gigabit network card interface, and the two ends are TF/SD card slot and Type-c charging port. Support multiple interfaces to connect at the same time. Comes with a 10cm long Type-c cable for direct connection to the device.
Type-c 6-in-1 multi-function hub——USB extension function: The multi-function hub is planned to have 3 USB 3.0 ports, which can effectively solve the problem of no USB port on Macbook, Xiaomi notebook, Huawei MateBook and other notebooks. Connect the Type-c multi-function hub to the notebook, and you can expand multiple USB ports for the notebook, which can be used to connect external mouse, keyboard, U disk and other USB devices. USB3.0 also has the advantage of transmission speed. Theoretically, the USB3.0 interface can achieve a transmission speed of 5Gbps (about 500MB/S), but due to equipment limitations, this ideal value is usually not achieved in actual use. Generally around 100MB/S is considered good. Let’s do a practical test. Using an online stopwatch to copy a 2.84GB movie from a laptop to a USB 3.0 portable hard disk, it takes about 20S, and the average transfer speed can reach 138MB/S. The transfer speed of the USB port is still good.

6 in 1 Functions

Type-c 6-in-1 multi-function hub – screen projection function: Screen projection from mobile phone/computer to TV/projector is a function that people use more now. Project notebook/mobile screen to projector to share PPT, at home and It is very convenient for the family to watch TV and play games on the big screen. It is also very simple to use the screen projection, and you need to prepare an additional HDMI or VGA cable. The specific cable to use depends on the interface of the display device. You can use any cable to connect to the interface of the TV/projector. But you have to understand that VGA supports 1080P, and HDMI can support 4K*2K ultra-high-definition picture quality. Here we connect through the VGA interface. After the Type-c data cable that comes with the hub is inserted into the notebook, use the VGA cable to connect the hub and the monitor. After the connection is complete, the screen on the laptop can be projected to a large-screen TV or projector. It is more convenient to share ppt at the meeting, watch movies on the big screen at home, and play games. You can enjoy the pleasure brought by the big screen.
This multi-functional hub comes with a Type-c power supply interface, and with the PD charging head, it can also charge the notebook at the same time when we use the notebook for various expansion applications. Play while charging, don’t worry about the computer running out of power. This design is more intimate, avoiding the embarrassment of insufficient power during use of notebooks like Macbooks that have and only have one Type-c interface.

Type-c 6-in-1 multi-function hub – TF/SD card reader function: For the TF/SD card reader function on the hub, I think this is a relatively considerate plan. It is planned to have two card slots, TF and SD, as long as the corresponding memory card is plugged in and connected to the notebook, the notebook can easily read the data in the memory card and quickly copy it. Effectively solve the problem that MacBook and other notebooks have no card slot but need to read the card. Different memory cards support different transfer rates, which will ultimately be determined based on the highest transfer rate of the memory card.
The card reading function on the hub is somewhat different from other card readers. Many multi-function card readers on the market can only read multiple cards at a time, but our hub supports multiple cards and multiple reading. That is to say, although a general card reader has multiple card slots, it can only insert one card at a time and read the data of one card; and this hub can insert two memory cards at the same time, and read and copy each other at the same time. The information on the two memory cards is more convenient. Our hub also supports RJ45 network card interface, which allows notebooks without network card interface to use wired network, which is more stable and faster.

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